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Luxury Hotel Dedicated to Protecting North Carolina's Beauty

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JB Duke Hotel is dedicated to protecting the lush beauty and natural resources that make North Carolina such a breathtaking destination. Featuring contemporary architecture, the hotel is designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind, taking into consideration everything from materials used in construction to natural lighting. 
We are constantly developing and implementing eco-friendly initiatives that benefit the environment and the local community, while upholding our commitment to exceptional hospitality. From energy efficiency and water conservation programs to waste minimization and environmental purchasing, our sustainability programs are always evolving as new opportunities arise.

The new JB Duke Hotel was designed in accordance with industry best practices and keeping Duke’s sustainability goals in mind.  New construction is designed to minimize heat gain with sun shades and low-E windows that also afford abundant natural light.  Energy-efficient HVAC and lighting is used throughout the facilities.  Landscaping is designed to minimize water need and runoff.  Forested areas were preserved.  Plantings were selected to minimize water use, including in the many planters throughout.  Where irrigation is needed, efficient drip irrigation is used.  Water conserving fixtures, together with a guest opt-out linen change program, also reduce water use.  We have instituted a recycling program accepting paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and steel cans.  Water bottle refill stations are used by staff as well as hotel and conference center guests.  In the restaurant, pre- and post-consumer waste is composted.  Our chefs strive to source local and sustainable products, and this is especially successful in obtaining wonderful produce, artisanal cheeses, locally brewed beers, and locally distilled liquors.  Cooking oil is reclaimed and turned into biofuel.  Enzymes are used rather than harsh chemicals whenever possible.  Throughout the property we strive to use low-VOC and non-toxic cleaning supplies.  Administratively, a “Green Team,” comprised of representative from all departments provides training and suggestions for continual improvement on sustainability fronts.